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Kiss My Ash® is our introductory line of products.  What's unique about this line is the combination of moisture enhancing ingredients coupled with a relaxing aroma of lemongrass with hints of light floral and citrus fragrances.  


We like to refer to the Body Balm as the ultimate ash-inhibitor because of the way it transforms the unhealthy ashen appearance of dry skin into a moisturized healthy glow.   Keep it handy in your purse, pocket, bathroom, desk, or kitchen and use it frequently.  Attack problem spots, like those crusty knees and elbows or any persistent dry patches.  Your skin will thank you.


The Body Buff should be used a few times a week and will be a shower enhancing experience!  The leading ingredient of the Body Buff is dead sea salts, which sloughs away the dry skin while the remaining ingredients - coconut oil and vitamins - will provide a moisture seal. 


The Skin I'm In® features a lavender fragrance and rich ingredients combined to make you love the natural skin you were born with.  Fortified with grapeseed and emu oils, The Skin I'm In body balm addresses moisture, but is also excellent at reducing problematic dry patches and skin "issues."


Mocha Meltdown is a coffee scrub.  Combined with sugar and combination of essential oils, Mocha Meltdown is like a delicious latte for your body, without the jitters.  Coffee scrubs are significant in improving the circulation and reducing the appearance of cellulite.  

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