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Frequently asked questions


If you have questions that aren't covered here, please write us:!


What will Kiss My Ash® do for me?

While it won't cook or do dishes, Kiss My Ash® IS great for dryness and giving your skin a beautiful glow.  The product contains a blend of essential oils that are geared toward promoting beautiful skin now and over time.  It has a cumulative effect so the longer you use it, the better your skin will look and feel.  


My husband/boyfriend keeps using my Kiss My Ash! Are your products for men?


Naturals by Gina B. products are unisex, and are effective and desirable for everyone who has dry skin.  For example, Kiss My Ash has a relaxing lemongrass aroma that both men and women enjoy.  Our suggestion is to get him his own jar.  You'll thank us later.


I'm not a person of color. Are your products for me?


Again, we don't discriminate here at Naturals by Gina B.  If you have dry skin, irrespective of your complexion, you willl find that both Kiss My Ash and The Skin I'm In body balms will be helpful.  Dry skin is an equal opportunity issue.


Will your fragrances clash with my perfume or cologne?


They shouldn't, but it honestly depends on your body chemistry.  Here's the deal . . . our products do have fresh fragrances, but the objective isn't for them to take the place of your aromatic Giorgio or Calvin Klein Obsession.  The scent won't linger. 


How much of the body balms should I be using?


We recommend daily use on all body parts below the neck.  Whether or not you use it on your face will depend on your tendency to break out.  The recommendation is that new users begin with a VERY small amount and apply more if necessary.  A little bit goes a long way, and if you find yourself thinking that the products are oily, it's generally because you're applying too much for your skin to absorb.  

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