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About Us


How did Naturals by Gina B. come to be?  It wasn't deliberate.
It was all an accident, and it started because she was unhappy with her hair.  (The truth of the matter is that she is typically somewhat displeased with her hair.  She's a woman.  It's how she rolls.)
Her naturally curly hair was a heat damaged mess with some parts that were straight from the loss of elastin due to excessive flat ironing, and others that had somehow maintained a curl pattern.  Gina decided to combat  the issue by creating a conditioner which was comprised of a combination of natural oils and butters.
Unfortunately the products didn't completely restore her curls.  However, she loved the residual effects on her skin when she rinsed it off in the shower.  
Gina decided to change the formula slightly to create a thick, creamy lotion texture, and call it Kiss My Ash due to its ability to kiss away the dry and ashy appearance of unmoisturized skin.  
She found the process to be so therapeutic that she began creating salt scrubs and other skin-enriching products made from pure ingredients.  She shared the products with friends and when she could no longer afford to give them away, she decided to launch Naturals by Gina B.
It was one of her favorite mistakes, and she invites you all to share in the experience.  
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